{Green Living} Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

sunbathing on the beach

Photo: rainbreaw Life has changed drastically in the past 20 years. People are spending less time outdoors as opposed to spending insane hours sitting indoors in front of the computer or TV. Today, many of us work indoors and use our cars to get from place to place, instead of walking. In addition to that, […]

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Letting Nature Work for You — Part IV: Aches, Pains and Things that Go Bump

The last part of this series on colds and allergies came in really handy for me when I ended up catching a cold that I just couldn’t shake, so I wanted to thank our awesome team for their advice because I felt better much quicker than I probably would have otherwise! This time around we’re […]

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News and Views You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth Full of Chemicals?

Recently I have become a whole lot more concerned with what I eat.  How I eat, what it is, organic, vegetables, whole grains, grass fed — all these issues and more take center stage when at the grocery store.  And it isn’t just because of the various environmental / humanitarian causes I support.  In truth […]

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News and Views — 15 Thousand Farmers in Louisville, Kentucky

Quite a while ago I made an announcement to my husband that “it is all going back to farming” and he agreed.  Specifically, I was referencing the plethora of new homes that were built when countless farmers had to sell their land (because they were no longer making a profit) and what will happen to […]

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Eco Tip of the Week: For Your Health

Eco tip submitted by SimplyNu With flu season just starting to hit, here’s an article you can find useful. Enjoy! 14 Ways to Prevent Swine Flu posted by Dr. Frank Lipman Oct 20, 2009 5:03 pm Care2.com Don’t know whether or not to get the H1N1 vaccination? You might want to read some of these […]

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