Healthy Eating – There’s an App for That

  A little while back I shared with you EWG’s Skin Deep App that allows you to scan product barcodes in the store and get safety rating information on the spot.  Well EWG has another awesome app available for both iPhone and Android phones – it s called Food Scores. With the Food Scores app you […]

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How To Eat Organic On A Budget – Food Babe

Every year, I try to make small changes in my eating and shopping habits.  Buying organic isn’t always the cheapest route, especially when you have a strict budget you are trying to adhere to.   Vani of Food Babe wrote this awesome post on How to Each Organic on a Budget. Not only does she […]

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Private Companies Labeling GMOs When Washington Won’t

Ask and you shall receive! While Washington drags its feet on the issue of GMO labeling (and no wonder given the bipartisan incest between Monsanto and the government), Americans are nearly unanimous in support of labeling genetically engineered food.  Hardly any difference exists across political or informational lines;  But far from passing any labeling measures, on […]

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{Food & Gardening} DIY Pantry

Across America, the average family’s pantry looks something like this, though maybe not as neat and tidy. (Photo above is by Flickr user Mullica) Shelves and cabinets are crammed full of cans and boxes of prepared and quick-cooking food. Canned soup, jars of pasta sauce, boxes of macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing […]

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{Food & Gardening} Broth/Liquid Diets

For the past 6 years I’ve had a headache all day every day. In the last 2 years, I’ve been trying to treat it with dietary changes. Back in January of this year, my headache pain increased and recently I’ve been trying to figure out why. My osteopath suggested last week that I try a […]

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