{Business Tips} A Year of Ideas to Build Your Business

  As the year winds to a close, I thought it would be fitting to take a look back at the business tips from 2011.  This year, we had 8 awesome bloggers contribute to create 49 posts.  All of these posts were aimed at helping advance our Etsy shops and improve our performance both online […]

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{Business Tips} Two Hours to a Holiday Ready Etsy Shop

A couple months ago, Etsy kicked off their annual Holiday Boot Camp aimed at getting shop owners organized and prepared for the holidays.  For those who have been participating in the program, you are set and ready for the quickly approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days.  For those who consider participating or are […]

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{Business Tips} Inventory Overload?

As 2011 winds to a close, we begin to think about starting 2012 with a clean slate and fresh outlook.  We optimistically envision 2012 to kick off with our business organized, focused and poised for success.  Yet, with a couple months of 2011 remaining, many of us see some of our inventory that we would […]

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{Business Tips} Marketing Strategy – Kick Starting Your 2012 Plan

I know.  It’s October.  You are knee deep in getting your shop ready for the busy holiday season.  You can’t imagine why you would dive into a 2012 plan yet.  However, this is really a great time of year to start collecting information and thinking about changes in your overall strategy for 2012. So, I’ve […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Photography Tips and Techniques

I find the photography in Etsy shops to be one of the most fascinating elements of branding.  The photos are the key to making an artist’s design “speak” to potential buyers.  Yet, the medium itself is an art form.  There are many sellers on Etsy that specialize in photography and have worked for years to […]

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{Business Tips} from Oprah

I am not a person who can claim that they have watched all 4,561 amazing episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, nor would I ever attempt it at this point. However, the last episode of this American syndicated talk show had me scrambling for a pen; afraid I might miss her little pearls of wisdom. The woman is a […]

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{Business Tips} Budget – Time is as Important as Money

Grasshopper Mandala Record Clock by EyePopArt As business owners, when we hear “budget” we automatically think about money.  We balance the books and ensure that we are not overspending.  Marketing opportunities hit our mailboxes and in-boxes.  We diligently evaluate each one and determine if the benefits to our business are worth the financial investment. What I’ve […]

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{Business Tips} A Strategy for Events

Events.  Some artists spend most of their weekends all year long traveling to events near and far, while others don’t do events at all.  For some, an “event” is a trunk show in their living room with 15 close friends, others wouldn’t consider anything with less than 100,000 attendees. How about you?  Do you participate […]

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Business Tips: Driving Traffic to Your Shop

When I first started writing this post, I was originally going to title it, “The Art of Promotion”, but I soon realized that I’m not trying to turn you all into MBAs.  The goal is to get your brains fired up and give you some ideas to help you drive traffic to your shops. It […]

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