{Business Tips} A Strategy for Events


Events.  Some artists spend most of their weekends all year long traveling to events near and far, while others don’t do events at all.  For some, an “event” is a trunk show in their living room with 15 close friends, others wouldn’t consider anything with less than 100,000 attendees. How about you?  Do you participate […]

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Business Tips: Driving Traffic to Your Shop

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When I first started writing this post, I was originally going to title it, “The Art of Promotion”, but I soon realized that I’m not trying to turn you all into MBAs.  The goal is to get your brains fired up and give you some ideas to help you drive traffic to your shops. It […]

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Tweet! Using Twitter For Business

Social networking has become a powerful tool for the small business owner so it’s no wonder so many are turning to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more with their business in mind.   Sites like Twitter give makers an affordable way to promote their products, to connect directly with their customers, and to identify trends in their chosen craft or field. So […]

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