Food Prices May Be on the Rise


The National Inflation Association released its food price projections on Friday. According to their estimates, you could be paying $62 for a 32 ounce bag of sugar, while coffee could likely rise to $77.71 for 11 ounces in the coming decade. The report warns consumers that serious food inflation will be a direct cause of […]

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Beware of Triclosan

washing hands

Who hasn’t used anti bacterial hand soap, dish soap, gel or hand spray?  It’s now in every public restroom, alongside the regular soap, declaring it’s usefulness, even without water.  With flu and cold season here, how’s a person supposed to keep their hands clean without all those chemicals? Recent studies from the U.S. Centers for […]

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Welcome to Our New News and Views Co-Editors

Happy Monday morning everyone! Today I write with some exciting news, two long standing members of our Eco Etsy team are joining the blog as Co-Editors. Let’s give a warm welcome, a big hug, a high five, or whatever greeting floats your boat, to Vivian Nelson Melle and Dawanna Young! Vivian comes to us from […]

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Letting Nature Work for You — Part IV: Aches, Pains and Things that Go Bump

The last part of this series on colds and allergies came in really handy for me when I ended up catching a cold that I just couldn’t shake, so I wanted to thank our awesome team for their advice because I felt better much quicker than I probably would have otherwise! This time around we’re […]

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Letting Nature Work for You Part III: That Which Ails You Colds and Allergies

Well friends, summer has seemingly officially come to a close here in Boston. One day it was in the mid 90’s and humid, the next it was in the upper 60’s and dry. Welcome to New England season change! It seems like the perfect time to run a series on ailments! Please read and understand […]

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Letting Nature Work for You — Part II: Beauty Isn’t A Beast!

Good morning friends and fans of all things planet! I’m back with the second part of the three part series on how natural elements can be used as fabulous and effective home remedies! Today’s focus is on beauty and body care. Before we go any further however I’d like to lay out the same disclaimer […]

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Cooking Green: How to Reduce Your Cookprint


I was recently catching up on a past episode of “The Splendid Table”, (one of my favorite podcasts theat keeps me entertained while working), when Lynne  Rossetto Kasper started and interview with Kate Heyhoe, author of “Cooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint”. I really enjoyed the  great interview, and I immediately ordered the book from Amazon so […]

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