What’s that Smell? It’s Rising Temperatures From Melting Ice

We all know that carbon emissions are a dangerous climate issue but many of us are just starting to learn about the effects that methane gas can have on the environment. And the people in Russia’s frozen Siberian region are some of the first to notice the warning signs. Methane, among Greenies is a subject [...]

Hold the Cardboard, Please

As most Greenies know, there are some items on the less than desirable list. Things like extraneous packaging or superfluous content within items. The added waste will get thrown away, and yes, many times recycled, but it still causes the entire system to be weighed down by its mere presence. First the extra has to [...]

U.S. resists BPA Ban but Europe bans baby bottles with BPA

BPA Free Baby Bottles from Softlanding

The news out of Brussels this morning is that Europe is banning any baby bottles containing the chemical Bispheno-A as early as starting March, 2011. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the chemical industry influences against the Food Safety Bill to ban BPA. According to Montrealgazette, Europe on Thursday banned baby bottles containing the chemical Bisphenol-A as [...]

GMOs. What is the Scoop?

There is such controversy about this subject. We all hear and read about it in the news on a regular basis.  More people than ever are probably aware of GMOs after the great salmon debate this year.  How are we to know that we are hearing both sides of the story presented in an unbiased [...]

Food Prices May Be on the Rise


The National Inflation Association released its food price projections on Friday. According to their estimates, you could be paying $62 for a 32 ounce bag of sugar, while coffee could likely rise to $77.71 for 11 ounces in the coming decade. The report warns consumers that serious food inflation will be a direct cause of [...]