{Business Tips} How to take better product photos

You spend hours and hours in perfecting your art and listing your products in your shop. It should be a no-brainer that you show off the best and most perfect picture to showcase them. And as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, right? But  when you upload an image of a product to […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Photography Tips and Techniques

I find the photography in Etsy shops to be one of the most fascinating elements of branding.  The photos are the key to making an artist’s design “speak” to potential buyers.  Yet, the medium itself is an art form.  There are many sellers on Etsy that specialize in photography and have worked for years to […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Shop Photography – Finding Your Visual “Voice”

There are many elements in your Etsy shop that establish a unique overall shop personality.  However, few items have as much impact on that personality as your product photography.  Photographs come up in search, inspire inclusion in treasuries, cause shoppers to “click through” to your shop, and ultimately demonstrate to a potential buyer that your […]

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