The Spirit of the Season

 I hope everyone forgives me this little deviation from the usual News and Views posting format and indulges me in a story that I feel must be told! If you’re anything like me you ate way too much on Christmas Day (for those who celebrate of course) and can barely move to protest anyway, which, […]

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News and Views: Kids Who Are Making A Difference

I’ve been noticing this growing trend lately — kids are taking over the care and love for the Earth and each other. My faith in humanity, specifically in the youth of this planet, was fully restored when I recently heard two news stories: Hanna’s Hearts of Hope and March Across America. Hanna’s Hearts of Hope […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Random Acts of Kindness Week

Our theme was some team inspiration for Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 15th-21st) and this week’s winners are: Bululu Studio’s gorgeous Be Kind wall decor rack! And GreenerLandz amazing soy candles in recycled wine bottles! Spreading kindness and light the EcoEtsy way! For some great ideas on little things you can do next week […]

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Themed Nomination – Random Acts of Kindness Week

I fell in love with the words “Random Act of Kindness” the first time I heard them; I think everyone did. It is now an actual movement with an actual week (February 15th – 21st) dedicated to spreading kindness through tiny little things. Years ago, hubby and I (he was hubby-to-be then) were in a […]

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