Featured Member: Alex Keller

Alex Keller How did you get started in your chosen craft? I have made jewelry on and off for years, so it is something I have gone back to. I think it all started with friendship bracelets back in college. How do you make your craft or etsy store eco friendly? I use vintage and [...]

News & Views: Our Green Vacation

Last week my husband, a couple of our closest friends, their two young children and myself went on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. We have taken this trip every year for quite a few years now and we really love the relaxation, getting to spend an entire week living in a comfy, furnished house, and going [...]

Featured Member: One Loom Studio

One Loom Studio How did you get started in your chosen craft? I’ve always crafted, but after being laid off from my textile design job in 2009 I decided it was time to make my hobby, a full time occupation. What had frustrated me most in my design career, was the lack of caring about [...]

While Waiting for the Dentist…….

I recently found myself sitting in the dentist chair waiting for my semi-annual cleaning to begin and  had the  choice of several not very up to date magazines to choose from to entertain myself  while I waited.  Should I find out what the stars of People magazine were doing last year ,  or read some beauty tips [...]

Freecycle-More Than Just a Place to Recycle


Founded on May 1, 1993 by Deron Beal Freecycle has grown from a single location in Tuscon, Arizona to an international organization having chapters in 85 countries.  Whether you’re in need of  something or having something you need to get rid of that’s just too good for the landfill, Freecycle has a few guidelines in [...]