{Green Living} Stand up, Walk More and Look in the Distance!

Photo via Sparre.Enger Have you noticed how often we bloggers give advice that we need to hear ourselves? Earlier this year I organized a Simple Living Challenge on my blog, which connected me to incredible new friends and in the course of three weeks we explored the ways to simplify our everyday and to make […]

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A Day Without Technology?

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed with technology? I know I do. Ever since the computer officially made its way into my home and brought Internet along, life has morphed into a whole new experience, multiplying my brain activity tenfold and decreasing my physical activity proportionally.

If I add to that stress, over-working, long hours of commuting, too much TV and I believe that I will have painted the life-size portrait of the typical dwellers of the Western world.

Now imagine you you had a day devoted to relaxing. And I don’t mean sipping tea in front of the TV. I mean a real, slow, old-fashioned day away from it all. What would you do? How would you spend it?

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