Save the world from your computer

Wanna save the world while sitting on your bum?  Well, ok, maybe not completely “save”, but if I know the people who follow EcoEtsy, I know they certainly like to be proactive and help make the world a better place. Here’s a site I recently found that can help us do just that. is a […]

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{Business Tips} Some New Etsy Shop Insights

If you are anything like me, I rely heavily on my stats to continually refine and improve my shop performance.  However, I will admit that I am focused on just a few sources for my insights – shop stats on Etsy, my blog metrics, and Facebook insights. The other day, I decided to branch out […]

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{Business Tips} Right Brain Approaches in a Left Brain World

The right brain vs. the left.  Studies have been done, papers have been written, and we all know that each half of the brain gives us special gifts.  I love the lead graphic in this post from CartoonADay.  The image clearly shows us the logical paths of the left brain and the more creative paths […]

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{Business Tips} Content – How to Leverage Yours

Over the last month, I’ve been learning and thinking a lot about content and content strategy – honestly a topic that I haven’t really considered in too much depth before.  In fact, if I did start to venture down the path of  “content strategy” the tasks were typically centered around specific channels.  Asking myself questions […]

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{Business Tips} 12 Trends to Watch in 2012

The word “trend” can sometimes be seen as a polar opposite of “green”.  A trendy outfit can be one that is worn once or twice and then discarded into a landfill….or hopefully upcycled into something beautiful and new!   However, for me, the word trend encompasses business opportunity.  Understanding trends in consumer behavior can open […]

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{Business Tips} 2011: Look Back & Plan Forward

With 2011 officially in the rear view mirror, right now is a great time to take a look at your performance stats from the year and set some solid goals for your business in 2012.  Information today is abundant, allowing us to easily track sales, Facebook fans, blog followers, traffic drivers and much more.  At […]

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{Business Tips} Marketing Strategy – Kick Starting Your 2012 Plan

I know.  It’s October.  You are knee deep in getting your shop ready for the busy holiday season.  You can’t imagine why you would dive into a 2012 plan yet.  However, this is really a great time of year to start collecting information and thinking about changes in your overall strategy for 2012. So, I’ve […]

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{Business Tips} Growing Pains

Hand Painted Art Fabric, Tree of Life, Sunny Day by Quiltartfabric Nearly two years into my jewelry business endeavor, I find it hard to believe sometimes that I’m still going through so many growing pains.  In the beginning, the challenges were focused on design, product and pricing.  Then, the attention turned to marketing challenges – […]

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{Business Tips} A Strategy for Events

Events.  Some artists spend most of their weekends all year long traveling to events near and far, while others don’t do events at all.  For some, an “event” is a trunk show in their living room with 15 close friends, others wouldn’t consider anything with less than 100,000 attendees. How about you?  Do you participate […]

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