Target Markets

There have been some wonderful business tips on marketing and advertising on the blog. To build on these, I’m going to draw upon my other professional life, as a business librarian. Librarians love to connect people with information resources, so I want to devote this post to census data. It can help you think through […]

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Etsy's Success Symposium


This past Tuesday, Etsy held their Success Symposium at Etsy Labs. While many of us watched what we could via livestream, Katherine Rasmussen of reiter8 was actually able to attend the symposium in NYC and was gracious enough to send me a writeup of her thoughts. A big, big thank you to Katherine who makes […]

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Business Tips: Do You Know Your Target Market?


According to, during the month of August 2010 had approximately 5 million (US) people visiting the site – that’s in one month!

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