Themed Nomination Winners – Music Festival

This week’s theme nomination is music festivals and here are the winners: “This t-shirt could be seen at any music festival, and the sentiment, too” says MaryZoom who nominated this item: ‘In my Heart of Hearts’ tank top by Neenacreates is made from  a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. RedorGreyArt nominated this next […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Full Bloom

Thank-you so much for all the enthusiasm I received for this week’s flower theme. There were so many excellent nominations to choose from. This super cute reversible turquoise and pink flower hat was nominated by StrandRedesign: Flipside Hats are made by Trillium Artisans member Kori Giudici from salvaged materials. Ojamiya nominated this romantic set of […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Summer Eating

This week’s theme is that ‘easy’ summer eating and this week’s amazing winners are: Strand Redesign’s beautiful eco friendly tote nominated by MaryZoom. AND the other incredible winners in no particular order: 1. Ojami’s urban scape bento set for men 2. VintagebyAlexKeller’s soup mugs nominated by GoodKarma 3. Vintage cheese dome by VintagebyAlexKeller and nominated by […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Time Flies!

This week’s themed nomination is time (as in where is it going so fast?) and this week’s winners are: Inklore linen tea towel – time to rest – nominated by Brasspaperclip.  And  in no particular order: Organic cotton top by Greenworks nominated by Retrolabs Got a Handle On It by Vera Vague nominated by Mary […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Surf’s Up – Hit the Beach!

This week’s theme was Surf’s Up – Hit the Beach and this week’s winners are (drumroll, please) : Hippiekingdom’s amazing hemp bangles nominated by StrandRedesign. BrightBlack’s adorable solar veil toddler sunhat nominated by Kootsac. SeaFindDesigns gorgeous best friends pendant necklace nominated by VintagebyAlexKeller and Tamdoll. AnnyMay’s beautiful hemp and organic cotton dress nominated by Kootsac […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Vintage Celebrates Unconsumption!

This week’s themed nomination was our team’s vintage treasures and this week’s winners are: VeraVague’s box-o-trix (is this the best picture ever or what?) nominated by Retrolabs. The other winning nominations in no particular order : 1. Brass Paper Clips nominated by zJayne 2. NowVintage nominated by Uncorked 3. VeraVague nominated by SewnNatural 4. SimpleDream2 nominated by […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Independence Day the EcoEtsy Way!

This week’s Themed Nomination was Independence Day and this week’s winners are: Sewn Natural felted wool acorns (she has them for both of this month’s Independence Day celebrations) were nominated by Tamdoll, Ojami and EcoKaren. and ElisBlankies beautiful baby blanket and how cute is this baby! Even more amazing EcoEtsy items like Reiter8’s beautiful pillow,  […]

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Themed Nomination Winner- Bath and Body

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s Themed Nominations- Bath and Body! The winner is team member herbanlifestyle’s  “Orange Meringue Whipped Body Scrub”, pictured above and nominated by ecokaren.  Perfect for getting your body beach-ready. Have fun team! 791 total views, no views today

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Themed Nomination Winner- Travel

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s Themed Nomination- Travel! The winner is Marmalime‘s “New Zealand Recycled Eco Friendly Luggage Tags” suggested by member Tamdoll. What a great way to quickly identify your bags among the long, boring parade of the carousel! Way to go team and thanks again! 907 total views, no views today

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