Themed Nomination – Full Bloom

What is blooming in your garden right now? From June to August my garden is a festival of color and I’m sure that many of you are enjoying the blooms of the season either in your own garden or in those of the community where you live.  If you live further South you may experience […]

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Themed Nomination – It’s Summer Time and the Eating is Easy

Most of us eat so much better in the summertime! We eat what we grow and we can shop locally for so many more nutritious foods. Plus those farmer’s markets just make everything look so good that even the kids are eating their veggies without a battle (sort of). So for this week’s theme let’s check […]

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Themed Nomination – Time Flies!

In July 1993, a second was added to the official time clock which I guess is maintained in some kind of official way in some kind of official place. Concrete proof that time flies and our own clocks just can’t keep up – with how fast-paced our lives have become since then, I would not be surprised […]

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Themed Nomination – Surf’s Up! Hit the Beach!

The bikini was “invented” in July, 1946 and named after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, the site of atomic bomb testing. It might take something equally explosive to get me into one right now although I did get a 2 piece this year with an awesome skirt- just like grandma used to wear my hubby […]

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Themed Nomination – Vintage Celebrates Un-consumption!

Team EcoEtsy includes an amazing group of vintage sellers celebrating the incredible fashion, furniture, jewelry, tools, art and bric-a-brac that represent our very diverse history. And since the use of vintage pieces in our lives is an important act of un-consumption let’s take a look at what our team has to offer:   VintageByAlexKeller offers this gorgeous framed silhouette of Martha Washington […]

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Themed Nomination – Happy Independence Day!

Americans and Canadians are getting ready to celebrate our upcoming Independence Days! These celebrations will include parades and barbecues (for tips on avoiding carbon from barbecues- check out Treehugger). So for this week’s Themed Nomination – let’s get ready for the 4th of July, otherwise known as the USA turns 234 and Canada Day, otherwise known […]

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Themed Nominations- Travel

Now is the time of year when school is winding down and everyone is looking forward to a little vacation time.  Whether it is a camping trip, a flight overseas or just a visit to the next county over, why not accessorize with a few eco-friendly items? For this week’s Themed Nomination, please send in […]

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Themed Nomination Winners- Graduation Gifts

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s theme- Graduation Gifts.  We have co-winners this week! Pictured first is Polarity’s Violet Floral Recycled Cedar Record Frame Magnet Board and Magnets.  Nominated by team member RedorGrayArt who thinks it is perfect for college students or grads who are starting their “real world” life.  Next up is Mandinka’s […]

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Themed Nominations- Graduation Gifts

Do you need ideas for graduation gifts? It is the time of year when people of all ages and stages are moving up in the world.  It seems like we have graduations starting in preschool now. And why not? It is great to celebrate progress and success! So, for this week’s Themed Nomination, please send […]

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