{Tuesday Treasury} Rustic last minute gifts

This weeks winning treasury goes to Fianaturals for Rustic last minute gifts! Fianaturals makes wonderful jewelry like these red earrings. Make sure to check out these other wonderful treasuries! Hot Cocoa and Hot Pink by Christine of RusticCarvings and It’s a Marshmallow World by Sarah of PinkTreebySarah. Shop Team EcoEtsy for your last minute gifts! […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Redo a Room Naturally

This week’s winner is TheWoodenBee with the treasury of Redo a Room Naturally.  A treasury list of ecofriendly home decor for the HGTV Challenge 2011! TheWoodenBee makes wonderful items out of reclaimed wood and wine corks.   Some other great treasuries to check out are: Eco Friendly Holiday Party by AnnyMay to make your holiday […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Merry & Bright

This week’s winner is Melissa from earthgrowncrayons with her treasury of Merry & Bright. Melissa makes these wonderful and colorful soy crayons! Here are some other great treasuries to check out! Blue Bird by Fianaturals and That old T-shirt by Zazahammocks       796 total views, no views today

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{Tuesday Treasury} Wishing You a Peaceful Holiday

Christmas will be here in less than a month! This week’s winner is The Wooden Bee for her beautiful treasury ‘Wishing You a Peaceful Holiday’. This lovely honey colored little tree ornament from The Wooden Bee has been made from hand carved reclaimed wood. If you are looking for that old fashioned natural look for […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} A Different Kind of Green by Lorigami

Due to a power outage here in the Kootenays (BC, Canada) it is much later than usual for me to be choosing this week’s winner. I was stunned when I saw the amazing treasuries for me to choose from this week. After going around in circles trying to decide on a winner I finally had […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Holiday Getaway

This week’s winning treasury ‘Holiday Getaway’ was cleverly curated by Elsje Boer. This romantic, fun and quirky collection of items suggests an imaginary holiday proposal from your sweetie. These sweet little heart pants for baby have been made from recycled cashmere wool by Elsje Boer. They are part of her Picky collection of old fashioned […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Mostly Under 20 EcoEtsy Kids Gift Guide

If  I could have picked a couple of winners for this weeks’ Tuesday Treasury I would have done so gladly. The entries this week were that close. The winning treasury goes to Soul Role for her thoughtful and fun collection of inexpensive gifts for children. ‘Mostly Under 20 EcoEtsy Kids Gift Guide’ has some really […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Shot of Red on a Gray Day by The Wooden Bee

The winning treasury this week is ‘Shot of Red on a Gray Day’ curated by the Wooden Bee. A perfect demonstration of how a gray world can be uplifted by a splash of warm color. This clever idea by The Wooden Bee shows how lovely gray can be in it’s own right – although there […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Autumn is Close

It was a challenging exercise for me to choose the winning treasury this week. All of the entries were amazing! I chose this one titled ‘Autumn is Close’ by Recycled Parts because of it’s beautifully unusual autumn colors: the dark shades of prune plums, blackberries and grapes as well as the earthy tones of changing […]

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