DIY Springtime Seedling Garden Starts

  Springtime is exciting. With the return of the birds and the bees to our neighborhoods, so too is the sun warmer and the day stretching longer. Here in California, our Daylight Saving Time sprung forward extra early this year. However, Spring came early too. Traditionally, Daylight Saving was standardized to meet the needs of […]

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DIY Holiday Gift Tags

  For Etsy entrepreneurs and holiday lovers alike, this season can be the busiest time of year. From gift giving to gift unwrapping, the holiday season is full of opportunities to follow the familiar rule of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  If you are looking for eco savvy methods to get your shop […]

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News and Views: Who Shops at Thrift Stores?

In short, the answer is…me! I am a huge fan of the many different types of thrifty stores out there (Salvation Army, Goodwill, second hand consignment shops, vintage sellers on Etsy, etc.) as I have never failed to find the coolest and most unexpected items within their walls. Those of us who are fans of […]

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Eco Tutorial: Upcycled Garbage Box

Submitted by EcoKaren Visit the EcoKaren website Do you have a garbage can or a bag in the car? Try using an empty garbage bag box. It’s little bigger than a tissue box and when it fills up, you can throw away the whole box or if it’s still in shape and not wet, you […]

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