{Eco Inspirations} Enjoy, Don’t Destroy

In 1935 Franklin D. Roosevelt developed the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to help drive jobs for unemployed Americans, resulting in over 900 silk screened posters to be made and distributed across the United States. Inspiring? I think so! The Library of Congress writes, “The posters were designed to publicize exhibits, community activities, theatrical productions, and health and […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Simple Treasures by Fishlegs

Thank you all for your amazing treasury submissions this week. I chose  Simple Treasures by Fishlegs for it’s beautiful rich earthy colors and for the clever mix of little treasures. Two beautiful vintage copper teapots from Fishlegs Two treasuries which also really stood out for me are: A Green Guide for Mothers Day and Everyday […]

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News and Views: Who Shops at Thrift Stores?

In short, the answer is…me! I am a huge fan of the many different types of thrifty stores out there (Salvation Army, Goodwill, second hand consignment shops, vintage sellers on Etsy, etc.) as I have never failed to find the coolest and most unexpected items within their walls. Those of us who are fans of […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Vintage Celebrates Unconsumption!

This week’s themed nomination was our team’s vintage treasures and this week’s winners are: VeraVague’s box-o-trix (is this the best picture ever or what?) nominated by Retrolabs. The other winning nominations in no particular order : 1. Brass Paper Clips nominated by zJayne 2. NowVintage nominated by Uncorked 3. VeraVague nominated by SewnNatural 4. SimpleDream2 nominated by […]

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Themed Nomination – Vintage Celebrates Un-consumption!

Team EcoEtsy includes an amazing group of vintage sellers celebrating the incredible fashion, furniture, jewelry, tools, art and bric-a-brac that represent our very diverse history. And since the use of vintage pieces in our lives is an important act of un-consumption let’s take a look at what our team has to offer:   VintageByAlexKeller offers this gorgeous framed silhouette of Martha Washington […]

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Themed Nomination – Treasures from the Sewing Basket

I’m guessing that many of our team members have in common a fondness for sewing baskets. Finding an old sewing basket or box filled with trinkets and treasures at a garage sale is such a thrill. I’ll usually buy the whole thing on the spot and then take it home and spend hours going through […]

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